Marine Operations

MF Marine Operations provide a range of work boats and small barges suitable for logistical and operational support to the Oil & Gas, Marine and Construction Industries.  

The MF Marine Fleet includes several small Workboats, a Fast Crew Launch, a Powered Barge capable of transporting 120t of Potable Water, and a Larger MultiCat Stlye vessel with a Deck Crane, Winch and large working and/or cargo deck.  MF Marine have vessels for transporting Cargo, Passengers and Potable water, as well as providing Safety Standby vessels, and options for more specialised operations such as handling Moorings, Navigation Buoy Maintenance, handling Oil Rig Anchor chain, and Moving Large Structures. Add to this a wealth of Marine Knowledge and industry contacts, with which MF Marine can assist with most Marine Projects.

Latest News

Caledonian Towage assisiting with the manouver of jack up rig

Caledonian Towage working closely with Group partners Inspection, Access & Coatings to provide towage to manoeuvre the jack up rig “Borr Brage” from Nigg Energy Park and safety load it onto the heavy lift vessel “Hua Yang Long” . A total of six tugs used in the operation, four...

Monday 12th March 2018