Condor 6

Condor 6 is a versatile flat topped barge suitable for general purpose usage. The Condor 6 can be used to provide a floating platform for smaller cranes and plant, or any application that requires a stable working platform such as scaffolding, piling, dredging, etc. The size of the Condor 6 allows for easy manoeuvring around oilrigs and other structures. The Condor 6 is based in the Cromarty Firth and is primarily used to support the oilrig inspection, repair and maintenance operations going on in this area. From this base the barge can be mobilised anywhere on the Moray Firth coast, or further afield if required. 

Length 16.2m
Breadth 14.2m
Height 2.1m
Dry Weight 105 tonnes
Compartments 8